Susie Ferrell Gregory;; Alford

Profile Updated: October 27, 2010
Residing In: Rock Hill, SC USA
Children/Grands: Kenneth (1972) Shannon (1979)

Granddaughter Hailey (1997)
Yes! Attending Reunion

Not cleaning, not cooking!!! A little gardening when I feel like it, messing with flowers, reading, swimming when I can get off my lazy self and go. Seeing my old and new friends, spending time with family. Just the same old me.

What would we be surprised to know about you?

I quit school in 10th grade, but went back and got my GED, went to TECH, recieved 26 credits toward associates degree in general business. As a divorced, single mother of 2,( swinging shifts at celanese) I had to give up the higher education. But, that is life and, overall, I think I have had a pretty good one. Remarried after kids were grown, but he passed away after 10 years. Now I do whatever I want to do and life goes on!

Favorite memory of RHHS:

Hanging out with my friends, especially at lunch time, going to football games, pep rallies, flirting with all the boys ( I was soooooooooo shy.) Somewhere along the line, I grew out of it.

Least favorite memory of RHHS:

Being a 10th grade student in classes with 12th graders. (shyness again)

Who was your favorite teacher?


Ever skip school?


What did you always want to do that you haven't done?

Can't think of much. I am pretty content with my life.

Would you do anything different if you could roll the years back?

Yes!! I would have finished high school and went on to college. Of course, money was very tight back then (as now), and I probably could not have made it, anyway.

How old do you feel?

35?????? sounds good!!

Favorite vacation spot:


Favorite TV show:

Greys Anatomy (sp)

Any words of wisdom?

Live well and enjoy every minute of it. Don't take anything for granted, it is not promised to you. I can look on this site and see all the really good friends that have had the good life and moved on to higher grounds like Fred Hembree, up there singing and rocking the night away. GO....FRED.

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