Vicky Costner Adkins

Profile Updated: December 4, 2014
Residing In: Catawba, SC USA
Spouse/Partner: separated
Occupation: Regal Manchester Cinemas
Children/Grands: Kids....Teresa, born 1972, Rhonda,born 1974, Jennifer, born 1980, El, born 1981....Grans from Teresa, More…Anthony, born 1994, Ashlyn and Annette (twins), born 2000, jessie born 2010. Grans from Rhonda.....Jasmine....born 2001...Lydia born 2011she is my birthday baby.Grans from El.....Hannah, born 2005, Izzabella, born 2008....Jennifer is contemplaiting marriage to her partner Mellisa in NY soon we hope.
Yes! Attending Reunion

I am still in to Sci-fi, going to Science fiction, fantasy conventions. Watching movies, writing, reading, playing on Facebook. Collecting Star Trek, Star Wars, and Pirates of the Caribbean stuff. Listening to music especially Mamma Mia and Pink Floyd, and all the favorites from the 60s. Cant wait for the new Star Wars to come out in 2015

What would we be surprised to know about you?

I graduated York Tech 2011 majored in Human Services,alcohol and drug abuse....havent found a job in this field as of yet

Favorite memory of RHHS:

My Band days, sock hops and football

Least favorite memory of RHHS:

Least favorite was....RAT day...when I was a sophomore, but favorite when I was senior.....then I got to say "Growl Rat Growl"cuting open the frogs and worms in biology which I always sweet talked my lab partner to do it while I stood by and tried not to throw up on him

Who was your favorite teacher?

Mr. Nic....

Ever skip school?


What did you always want to do that you haven't done?

Publish that novel, but I am gonna that Astronomer and eventually an Astronaut . So I just got involved with capt. KIRK AND THE CREW OF THE ENTERPRISE instead

Would you do anything different if you could roll the years back?

Yes and No....I can see a lot I would like to change, but who knows what would have been...It could have been better, or it may have been worse.

How old do you feel?

My mind is still stuck at 17, but my body feels 90...

Favorite vacation spot:

Niagar Falls, and upstate New York where my son is at..and Atlanta ,GA. during DragonCon....

Favorite TV show:

Any of the Star Treks, Dead Zone, Burn Notice,I have many...and now 2 more added to my list is "The Big Bang" and "4#^**MY Dad Says" now TheWalkingDead and the list goes on oh yeah can not forget Outlander

Any words of wisdom?

"Live Long and Prosper"


I got married in 1970, had 4 kids, and now 8 I had a writing partner for a bit and we wrote screenplays, had them registered at the writer's guild , she got greedy and that was that, hooked up with her just this past year she went nutso on me again so thats that.....use to write commercials for Outlet market place for awhile, worked at the hospital for awhile. Hubby Hazel Phillips died in 1993. met Michael Adkins married him in 1997. Worked at Cinema 7 for a few years then went to Manchester Cinemas and been there for a long time now. Joined a Star Trek fan club and did a lot with them, charities, bike-a-thons and went to conventions and worked security for the Stars. My sister and I go to Atlanta every year to Dragon Con...we have a BALL.... Now I am going to York Tech and Majoring in Human Resources. Geesh I will be OLD when I graduate...LOL....Trying to live life the best I can and raising my 15 year old Grandson, who I am proud to say is a BEARCAT.....he is nearly 20 now and about 3yrs ago came down with Limb_girdle Muscular Dystrophy its getting harder on us... Been separated from michael for nearly 3yrs. Still work part time at Regal and on disability had a total knee replacement in 2011...

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